Starlight Inception Original Soundtrack Album (MP3 Download)

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The Starlight Inception Original Soundtrack by David Arkenstone in MP3 format!


Download the stirring soundtrack from the space combat game of 2014, Starlight Inception™!  Composed and recorded by three time Grammy nominated composer David Arkenstone, experience 20 tracks (nearly an hour of music) in digital MP3 format.


Track Listing:

1. Starlight Inception Main Theme

2. The Briefing Room

3. Homeworld

4. Fight for the Solar System

5. Venus Calls

6. Down to the Red Planet

7. Aboard the Midway

8. The Desolation of Chicago

9. Neptune Space

10. Asteroids!

11. Stay Frosty

12. Battle for the Stars

13. Let's See What's Over There...

14. Titan

15. The Moonlight To Guide Us

16. At the Ready

17. On the Run

18. Europa Beckons

19. Saturn's Child

20. End Credits